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Assembly instructions for artificial stone panelling

We offer a large panel system enabling you to clad expansive walls and ceiling in a relatively short space of time.
The large panels (approx. 4.2/3.05 sq m) mean hardly any joining work is required. If you wish to do this yourself,
we have provided instructions for you here.
The necessary quantity of filler and paint is calculated depending on the type of stone and whether
there are internal or external corners (on average 2 kg of filler and 3 cans of spray paint per panel).

Before starting assembly,

please note that minor splintering on the panel surface or edges are not a problem, and that assembly does not require millimetre-precision. In some cases, the panel size may differ from the standard dimensions by up to 1%. Any splintering, holes or rough edges are rectified with filler. The filled spots are then covered with the supplied paint. The wall can always be opened again down the track using an angle grinder (e.g. to lay cables).

Once properly filled, the opened area then “disappears” again and blends into the stone wall.

Got all the necessary tools?

  • Jigsaw with a blade suitable for plastic or an angle grinder with thin cutting wheel
  • Drill for stone or concrete walls, cordless screwdriver when mounting onto wood or plasterboard
  • Hammer
  • Vacuum for dust caused by cutting
  • Knock-in dowel 6-8 mm Ø, length 50-80 mm, or SPAX screws (3.5 x 30 mm)
    for wood or gypsum walls (GIX B type)
  • Rubber bowl, rubber gloves
  • Filler and flat brush (3-4 cm thick)
  • Acetone (available from hardware stores)
  • Sponge
  • Protective accessories (for eyes, nose and mouth) when working with the panels

Use the StoneslikeStones work kit

Montageset StoneslikeStones GmbH

You can order the assembly kit together with the panels.

The kit comprises

  • A forged steel spatula
  • A rubber bowl
  • A modelling brush
  • 5 pairs of disposable rubber gloves.

The hardening agent and polyester filler pictured are not part of the kit.

Download PDF assembly instructions

PDF assembly instructions

You’ll receive extensive information on planning, preparing and placing the panels, as well as an overview of the necessary tools and materials. The detailed assembly instructions contain specific instructions for the various panels.

Download Montageanleitung StoneslikeStones

Paints and tin sizes –
a quick reference guide

Here you will find information on the paints and quantities needed for touch-ups, depending on the type of panelling.



Step 1
The area is measured, and the relevant piece cut off the panel. A clearance of approx. 1 cm is left open at the corners, enabling better modelling of the stone panel.

When assembling Ladrillo, it is important to ensure the joins and stones are properly aligned.


Step 2
The join is closed using the filler, and the stones modelled so that they are not too long. Small pieces are then formed into a length of stones by simply filling the gaps.


Step 3
The joins can be thoroughly coated using the adjustable sprays, holding them no more than 10 cm away from the panel.

Final painting
If you paint the stones after modelling, use a piece of cardboard to cover the join or stone


Step 4
The result of successful modelling.


All work instructions published here have been carefully compiled based on sensible work processes, so can benefit from our years of experience with these panels. Please understand, however, that we cannot guarantee your work will be successful.